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- Introducing DJ Johnny Rivex -

Gaining inspiration from American country festival DJs like Deejay Silver, DJ Rock and Slim McGraw, DJ Johnny Rivex is breaking ground in the Canadian country festival & concert scene.  Concert & music festival country DJs seem to still be an experimental concept in the Canadian market, with venues and event organizers not fully appreciating the benefits an effective supporting DJ can provide to the guest experience. Why play a mundane background playlist between acts, when there can be a live DJ reading the crowd and selecting tracks that will significantly improve the mood and excitement of the audience!  DJ Johnny Rivex is on a mission to be a pioneer in the Canadian country music industry; introducing the benefits of a supporting DJ through his high energy and interactive blend of music selection and crowd engagement.

Starting his DJ career at just 15 years old, the open-format country DJ/performer has thrilled thousands with his unique ability to blend all types of music from hip hop and rock to house and country for crowds of all sizes.  Johnny grew up with a strong country music influence, with music from Jim Reeves, Charley Pride & Willie Nelson often played around his childhood home.  Although he started his DJ career as an EDM and Top 40 DJ, he never lost his love of country music, and continues to regularly explore ways to blend the genres together.  Johnny's country music upbringing, combined with cross genre experience has led him to remixing and producing a unique style of 'Country Remixes'.

DJ Johnny Rivex has performed at a variety of events and venues, from nightclubs to exclusive afterparties, and now festivals and concerts.  He has performed for clients like Live Nation and Budweiser, opened for Canadian artists like The Reklaws and James Barker Band, and has hosted the official afterparties for CMT and Boots & Hearts!

When Johnny is not sharing the stage with talented musicians or performing at venues, he is in the studio practicing, producing and preparing for the next opportunity to ignite the crowd and put on a world class show! DJ Johnny Rivex's unique talent to blend all types of music from hip hop, rock, country, top 40, & EDM makes him the ideal compliment to any club, party, concert, or festival. 


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Kane Brown VS Eminem - Lose Yourself To It (Johnny Rivex Mashup)DJ Johnny Rivex
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